Quiche with camembert and cream pepper
Veal medallions with buttery gnocchi and sugar peas
Blini with smoked salmon, and green herb seasoned cream cheese
Veal stew seasoned with lemon, and parsley jasmine rice
Strawberry milk pie with coconut milk
Salmon filet with spring risotto
Chocolate-raspberry moelleux
Puy lentil salad with sea fruits and chorizo
Steak with french beans and reblochon sauce
Pumpkin cream soup with chili schrimps
Quiche with camembert and cream pepper
Camembert-es quiche kápia paprikával
Borjúszűz cukorborsós vajas gnocchival
Blini füstölt lazaccal, zöldfűszeres sajtkrémmel
Citromos borjúragu petrezselymes rizzsel
Kókusztejes epres tejpite
Lazacderék tavaszi rizottóval
Málnás csokoládé moelleux
Puyi lencsesaláta tenger gyümölcseivel és chorizo kolbásszal
Steak francia babbal, reblochon mártással
Sütőtökleves chilis garnélával
Camembert-es quiche kápia paprikával
The on-board kitchen is prepared to provide
an exceptional gastronomic experience,
making our catering service truly unique.
The dishes are always prepared
right on the spot, using
carefully selected ingredients.

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