History of ROHAM

- 1895
Our ship was built in 1895 as a screw propelled steam tug and was given the name Victoria. After a crash, it was renamed to Roham, but was also known as FK311 during the course of its life. 

- 1992
Its engines were removed in 1992 and later the ship itself was deleted from the official ship register ...but this ship was built in Budapest, in the workshops of the United Schoenichen-Hartmann Ship-building Yard, Machine and Boiler Works. Many of the emblematic ships of Hungary got out of this famous workshop, like the also active Kelén passenger ship on Lake Balaton, also built as a steam ship originally, or the Ferencz József and Queen Elizabeth steam passenger ships.

The first ship-builders deserve great appreciation, as experts were amazed by the almost perfect condition of the iron plates and rivets of the hull during a meticulous and precise examination of the ship preceeding the commencement of its reconstruction. 
- 2009
Emboldened by this observation, we woke „Sleeping Beauty” up in 2009 to dream further her future. During the reconstruction, great emphasis was laid on preserving the authentic style and special characteristics of excursion boats popular at the turn of the century, and on harmoniously combining these features with modern technical requirements. Thus, Roham has been converted to a unique-looking, nicely rebuilt passenger ship with an elegant and warm atmosphere offering high quality catering services.
- 2012
And we left the ship-yard in 2012…
- 2017
Our service involves the carriage of passengers up to groups of 60 people, combined with seated, plate-service dinners or buffet dinners during the cruising. Beside our large, panorama windows the enthralling views of the city and the enjoyment of culinary pleasures provides a memorable experience. The uniqueness of our catering services lies in the fact that all dishes are prepared á la minute in our ship kitchen, in the spirit of freshness, high quality and seasonality.

Our guests are welcome for Danube cruises throughout the year with a hospitable service, for various family or business events, with the catering service adjusted to the type of the occasion.